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The Wintec WBT-100 is a GPS receiver with WAAS, bluetooth, USB, a compass, and a datalogger all in one very small package.

I got one 4/12/2007.

Software is version 2.85 -- 6/29/2007 It can now log HDOP.

Firmware version is 3.31.6230.R43

The support site is

I bought the receiver from Semsons.


Normally I use it when hiking. I turn it on and put it into the pocket on my Trimble antenna hat, and forget its there until I get home. Then I download the data and clear its log.

Data transfer

You can talk to it with the provided Wintec Windows software, G-Tools.

I transferred the log from the device to a GPX track file and found it throws away 3/4 of my data! How typical. I actually want to know ALL the data. Sats in view, PDOP, DGPS on/off. All gone. It gives lat,lon,elevation, and time.

I don't know if transferring in binary mode is any better, maybe the device simply does not log everything (just like a Garmin.)

GPSbabel also works with the Wintec. For example to transfer tracks and waypoints from the device to a GPX file, you can say

~/bin/gpsbabel -t -w -i wbt -f /dev/ttyUSB0 -o gpx -F buenavista.gpx

For more info see

For a Linux and Mac OS/X program called gtk-g-rays2 (and an older deprecated Ruby version) that can talk to a WBT-201, see

The reason for using the Wintec software instead of gpsbabel is that it can clear out old logs and it can change system settings; for example it can change the mode used to log.

Kudos to Wintec for support

8/3/2008 -- I have owned the WBT-100 for over a year now and Wintec continues to release updates to both the firmware and the PC utility program. They have added useful features and improved memory management (increasing data storage space). This is admirable. My usual expectation is that manufacturers fix bugs but it's unusual when they continually improve existing products (at no charge) instead of offering me new ones.