TED 5000

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TED 5000 is "The Energy Detective", a whole-house energy monitoring system.


There are 3 components in the system. The first is the MTU, which installs in or near your power panel. (In the wall of the garage in my case.)

The second component is an embedded computer called a Gateway built into a wall wart, which picks up signals send over the powerline from the MTU. An ethernet jack allows the gateway to talk with your computer(s).

The gateway also contains a XBee wireless module that talks to the third component, the display.

Set up

One of the setup instructions says not to plug into a strip or outlet with devices like computers with switching power supplies on them. In my case, that's almost like saying "don't plug it in!"

I ended up running an ethernet cable out to the garage and plugging in to the same circuit that I put the MTU on.

Failure mode

The display appears to get one reading from the gateway and then stop. Maybe I just have to run out in the garage and power cycle the gateway every 10 minutes.