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...and also Sveltekit, as needed.

Svelte and Parcel

I learned Parcel 1 when I was working with React and I got used to it.

I tested the conventional Svelte + Rollup demo and decided I am happier with Parcel 2.

Parcel really does require almost no configuration at all, so every time I look at other approaches I back away. There are a few hoops to jump through to get it to do some tricky things like image processing but it's tricky so I accept that.

I am currently working out a template to use for my projects in this Github repo.

Here's a short article; someday I will look at Tailwind. Svelte + Tailwind + Parcel = Awesome Jan 2020 See also Ilia's "book"


I am looking at it, so far the combination of Svelte and Parcel seems acceptable to me.

This book uses Sveltekit in its examples: