GPS on Bicycles

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The bike - Ryan Vanguard long wheelbase recumbent with underseat steering. (= No handlebars to mount stuff on)


What I am using right now

A Garmin eTrex Vista HCX in a RAM mount. The RAM mount clamps to the top tube between my knees.

What I envision

For short rides, a data logging GPS without any map display.

Display: current speed + trip distance

A wheel sensor for detecting when the bike is moving so that the GPS will power down when I stop and power back up when I start moving. Wheel sensor does speed indication and Dead Reckoning when the GPS does not have lock.

Wheel circumference is auto-calibrated by the GPS.

A button to power up GPS on demand.

Bluetooth for upload / download. A button to initiate data transfers. GPS could initiate bluetooth connection; when it senses we have returned home from a trip it would attempt to connect.

A 12v power system made up of 12 AA NiMH cells.

LED headlight and taillight.


External Links

Bill Cotton's notes on using Garmin GPS receivers on a drop bar bike