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When I work on GIS projects, I use this page to keep track of good sources I find for data. I have a page of Spatial Test Data sources that I use for testing OpenLayers.


Digital Chart of the World DCW converted to Arc/Info coverages in e00 format; request data for a region and this server will pack the data in a tar archive for your downloading.

CIA World DatabBank II downloadable data

The server is at the Penn State map library

Map of UTM zones

Global Land Cover Facility, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland
Landsat, SRTM, more


GISwiki in German


GIS Data depot

North America

United States

Coastal NOAA USIEI = "US Interagency Elevation Inventory" (one stop shopping)


USDA NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway (2017-02 back online!!!)
SSURGO, climate data, LiDAR, NAIP imagery, US Census, all gathered in one place.

(2015-Aug-29 check these for currency.)

Harris Mapcart Free downloads of SDTS data
NASA Reverb|Echo

USGS 3DEP viewer (DEM, LiDAR),nedsrc&title=3DEP%20View USGS EarthExplorer
USGS National Map including USTopo
USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) mapper:


Arizona University GIS data
Arizona University OpenGeoPortal
They refer to a NAIP point cloud

AZGEO requires registration for access, sign up now for free so you are ready when you need it. They did get back to me over a 3 day weekend though! Yay.

Yavapai county GIS

Prescott National Forest


Big Woods Cache River Home of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker and a former US president.

Arkansas GIS gateway


California Division of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)
State of California Geo Portal
Data Depot -- California (Ignore the complaints about Silverlight, which is DEAD.

Northern California includes 48 counties, here are some of them. That's a lot of counties, I need a map. What a big state this is. I think there are 57 total.

  1. Alameda
  2. Amador
  3. Butte
  4. Colusa
  5. Contra Costa
  6. Del Norte
  7. El Dorado
  8. Glenn
  9. Humboldt
  10. Lake
  11. Lassen
  12. Marin
  13. Mendocino
  14. Modoc
  15. Napa
  16. Nevada
  17. Plumas
  18. Sacramento
  19. Santa Clara
  20. Shasta
  21. Sierra
  22. Siskiyou
  23. Solano
  24. Sonoma
  25. Sutter
  26. Tehama
  27. Trinity
  28. Yolo
  29. Yuba

What happens if I drop a First Draft GIS map in here?


City of Pleasanton has a tiny bit here:

Contra Costa *requires registration (when GIS data is outlawed only outlaws will have GIS data!)

When you want data from the county site and it says "it's not here", then go here instead:

Marin county

MarinMap is the county consortium site. Lots of data here.

They have TIFF and MrSID format 6" aerial photos for the entire county. You can download a vector grid to determine which tiles you need.

Mendocino county

"The County does not offer public access to interactive GIS information, but you may contact the County's Information Services Department at (707) 463-7200 and ask for 'GIS' for more information regarding GIS data layers." has PDF maps

Monterey county

Monterey county's GIS office is in Salinas The county uploads all its data to

Napa county

county: NOT HERE:
but here: Napa County GIS catalog

Napa County Resource Conservation District

Santa Clara

County of Santa Clara GIS data You must file a request to get centerline and parcel data. Other than the request form they have links to other sites. You can view their data in a map viewer but no direct download facility exists.

Santa Clara Valley Water District GIS data Their data is in but they have links to other sites here.

Santa Cruz

Search in under "Santa Cruz County Open Data".


To build a map quickly your best bet is to load layers directly from ArcGIS Online, that's how they are making available most of their vector data.

Aerial photo server

Cities in Solano county

Sonoma county

PRMD downloads (PRMD = Permit and Resource Management Dept.)

Sonoma VEG map Vegetation, Habitat & LIDAR data for Sonoma County

Sonoma County GIS Data Portal download site

LiDAR and orthos: ArcGIS REST service
or perhaps

Hillshade in QGIS

Create a gdal service description file, e.g. by running this in a terminal:

gdal_translate "" s.xml -of WMS

You can now load this file into QGIS, e.g. by drag-and-drop.

Yolo county

"Yolo GIS Cooperative The County of Yolo, the cities of Davis, Woodland, Winters, and West Sacramento along with Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) are working jointly as a cooperative to develop shared GIS data layers and maintaining shared regional GIS resources. Current projects include maintenance of a county-wide tax parcel data layer, road centerline data, jurisdictional and spheres of influence. "


  • Mike Martinez IT manager

General Services -> GIS



Hawaii Statewide GIS Program

U of Washington 10m DEM in old format


Iowa GIS Clearinghouse

Iowa State map server


Iowa Geographic Information Council



Keck Library (at UNR) Lots of rasters including DRG's and DEM's and NAIP photos and historic maps. Also Mars and Venus. (The planets not the gods)

NDOT Not much here -- you can order paper maps.

University of Nevada, Reno clearinghouse

Nevada natural heritage

Nevada State Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources Water Rights Database

Tahoe USGS


GIS Data Depot



More information on collecting Oregon parcel data

Oregon Public Record Law

Northwest Habitat Institute GIS data data for Columbia River Basin, Oregon, Washington, and Willamette Valley


BLM Oregon/Washington GIS data

NOAA data viewer


Coastal Atlas GIS data, a project of the Oregon Dept of Land Conservation and Development

DOGAMI web services:

CLAMS data Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study at FSL

Northwest GeoData Clearinghouse at the Portland State Dept of Geology

Oregon Explorer Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse OregonExplorer portal

OSU map room OSU Virtual Oregon DOQ index
OSU experimental forest
10m DEM data for entire state

UofO Library 1:24k DOQ's and DRG's not trimmed DOQ

REO has DRG's tucked away, search by latlon DRG DEM

Benton County

Benton county GIS dept
City of Corvallis GIS ftp site

Lane county

RLID "Regional Land Information Database of Lane County" $$$

REST services, use in QGIS

City of Eugene:

Dual Map

Neighborhood analysis

Parcel data app


Bike and Ped TSP:

Linn county

Linn county has most of its data available on its FTP site

City of Albany - no
City of Lebanon - no
City of Sweethome - no web site

Polk county

Polk will sell you parcel data for $60. They don't make any other data available.

City of Salem- "Call us" $$$


Start here WS DOT and scroll to the bottom of the page for links to other WA sites.