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Let's assume my next car computer ("next" being after I actually have one which I don't currently have but am working on see 8track)

where was I

Let's assume it's based on an ARM9 of some kind. Where will that come from?

A Chumby? A BeagleBoard?

Things I'd like it to have

USB - at least 2 ports, one for GPS and one for Lilliput DisplayLink screen 
Lots of RAM
Fast CPU
Ability to boot from flash or SD card
Support for a huge SD card or support for a SATA drive 

Candidates, let's be creative here

  • Chumby
  • BeagleBoard C or XM
  • PandaBoard
  • Mikrotik RouterBoard
  • Gumstix
  • GuruPlug

BeagleBoard XM

OMAP processor

Used in Always Innovating computers, which are a pretty good deal but have a long lead time.

Chumby One

Freescale iMX233 ARM926EJ-S 454MHz
3.5" 320x240x16 TFT with touchscreen
1x2W speakers, headphone jack
knob on rotary encoder
3 axis-accelerometer
1 USB 2.0 HS port
FM Radio

Comments: FM Radio is interesting. Processor is not very fast and not much RAM. Only one USB port


1.2Ghz Marvell CPU
512MB Nand flash